Li Gang Presided over the Thematic Meeting on the SCODA Pearl Business Center

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On March 27, Li Gang, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, presided over the Thematic Meeting on the SCODA Pearl Business Center at the SCO Service Center. During the meeting, he heard work reports and instructed on future work.


Li Gang pointed out that the SCODA Pearl Business Center is an important platform to comprehensively display the advantages of the SCO New Area and promote high-quality "talent recruitment and investment attraction". All relevant institutions and departments should gather consensus, clarify the work objectives, and promote the construction of the SCODA Pearl Business Center with a higher position and broader vision.

Li Gang stressed that we should adhere to high standards of planning and deployment, high-quality organization and implementation, further deepen research and systematic thinking, and further refine, optimize, and improve the overall design scheme. We should form synergy, design elaborately, organize precisely and construct conscientiously, accelerate the progress of all links, and fully complete the project construction with high quality. We should highlight the integrity, professionalism, and internationalization, combine the development status of SCODA, focus on the construction of the "four centers" and the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade, further expand the exhibition content and enrich the presentation forms, and effectively build the SCODA Pearl Business Center into an "important window" showing the urban image of the SCO New Area.

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