Li Gang Presided over the Meeting on the Supporting Projects of Ruyi Lake and Emphasized Planning from a High Starting Point and Implementation by High Standards, and Accelerate the Improvement of Fun

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On March 27, Li Gang, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, presided over the Meeting on the Improvement of the Supporting Projects of Ruyi Lake at the SCO Service Center. During the meeting, he heard work reports and instructed on future work.


Li Gang emphasized that we should plan from a high starting point, implement the projects with high standards, follow the work method of prioritizing the project, objectives, timeline, and responsibility, and set a clear timeline, to ensure all the work progress in time, and form a closed loop. We should strengthen coordination and cooperation, make every effort to guarantee and accelerate project construction, and strive to bring out image and results at an early date, and lay a solid foundation and expand space for the high-quality development of SCODA. Investment promotion should be carried out simultaneously, combined with the development status and advantages of SCODA, and the market-oriented operation mechanisms should be strengthened to promote precise and high-quality investment promotion. We need to speed up the construction of roads and other infrastructure, coordinate and optimize the layout of commercial, cultural, and tourism functions, improve supporting services, strengthen its radiating role, and further optimize the urban functions and quality of SCODA.

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