Zhang Xinzhu Visited Beijing

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From April 11 to 13, Zhang Xinzhu, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of SCODA, led a team to Beijing to visit China Post Group, CSCC (Beijing) Financial Information Service Co.,Ltd. and other enterprises. He also met with Temur Nadiroglu, Commercial Representative and Minister Counselor of the Azerbaijani Embassy in China.

On April 12, Zhang Xinzhu visited CSCC (Beijing) Financial Information Service Co.,Ltd. and met with Dong Gang, Co-founder, Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer of the company.

Zhang Xinzhu said that the cooperation between SCODA and CSCC has broad prospects. He hoped that the two sides could form synergy and create a close development community to jointly serve the national strategy.

Dong Gang said that CSCC would leverage its advantages in industry-finance Internet, make good use of the platform and scenarios of SCODA, strengthen cooperation with SCODA in cross-border payment and other fields, implement the national strategy, and facilitate the development of SCODA.

On April 13, Zhang Xinzhu had a meeting with Liu Aili, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, Chairman of China Post Group.

Zhang Xinzhu hoped that China Post Group could give full play to its platform advantages and ecological advantages, strengthen the strategic cooperation with SCODA, and jointly facilitate and empower the development of SCODA.

Liu Aili said that based on the responsibilities and missions of central SOE, the group will share development opportunities with SCODA and deepen practical cooperation in areas such as logistics and e-commerce.

Later, Zhang Xinzhu met with Temur Nadiroglu, Commercial Representative and Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in China, and his delegation at the Liaison Center of SCODA in Beijing.

Zhang Xinzhu hoped that the Embassy of Azerbaijan in China would continue to give strong support in the areas of economy, trade and tourism to push for more fruitful results in the bilateral cooperation.

Temur Nadiroglu said the embassy would continue to play its role as a bridge to push Azerbaijan and SCODA to deepen practical cooperation in relevant fields and achieve win-win results.

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