Li Gang Inspected the Landscape Improvement Project of SCO Ruyi Lake

2023-07-03 10:30:40 admin source: share:

On May 8, Li Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA inspected the landscape improvement on the northern bank and the landscape construction on the southern bank on the site of the SCO Ruyi Lake Landscape project.


During the inspection, Li Gang visited the dock, service station, beach, and other parts of the project. Li Gang pointed out that the SCO Ruyi Lake landscape project is the benchmark project of SCODA to further promote the construction of a green ecological park, and the relevant institutions and departments should further unify their mindset, improve their understanding, and solidly promote the objectives and tasks of the construction of the SCO Ruyi Lake landscape project with a high sense of responsibility and mission.

Li Gang stressed that it is necessary to further consolidate the responsibility of the work, strictly follow the timeline, arrange the schedule, scientifically make the construction plan, accelerate the progress, and ensure timely delivery under the premise of safety and quality. It is necessary to focus on the demands of the people for leisure, recreation, consumption, and entertainment, optimize the spatial layout, improve infrastructures and supporting facilities, and constantly enrich and enhance the leisure experience of the citizens. It is necessary to strengthen the fine management, further improve the design scheme, improve the level of greening and beautification, create a landscape system with rich levels, and effectively improve the urban quality and urban style of SCODA.

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