Parallel Forum on Biomedicine of the SCO Industrial and Supply Chains Forum Held

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On June 16, the Parallel Forum on Biomedicine of the SCO Industrial and Supply Chains Forum was held in Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center. High-level experts and industry leaders in the field of biomedicine at home and abroad had in-depth discussions and dialogues on the theme of "New Opportunities for Biomedicine Development Along the Belt and Road in the Strong Industrial and Supply Chains Era", and discussed the development plan of the biomedicine industry in SCODA.






Bi Jingquan, Member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Director of the Economic Committee of the 14th CPPCC National Committee, and Executive Vice Chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges pointed out in his speech that the international exchange of scientific knowledge, mutual learning of technological development, and global flow of innovative drugs are the common needs of the development of life science and biomedicine industry in all countries, and also the need to promote human health. The development of innovative medicines in China has played an important role in promoting access to medicines. We should further accelerate the internationalization of the biomedicine industry, actively promote international exchanges and cooperation in the fields of medical care and biomedicine in SCO member states, strengthen exchanges at all levels among enterprises, industry associations, and regulatory authorities of SCO member states, encourage enterprises to enter the markets of SCO member states and serve the people of SCO member states with our pharmaceutical products, making greater contributions to the cause of human health.

Yu Dongquan, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jiaozhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Jiaozhou said in his speech that biomedicine is of great significance to safeguarding the health of all people and building a healthy China, and under the continuous advancement of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, the biomedicine industry of SCODA is ushering in new development opportunities. The holding of the Parallel Forum on Biomedicine of the SCO Industrial and Supply Chains Forum is not only a vivid practice of actively implementing the national strategic deployment but also a powerful measure to promote the development pattern of the "three-core, three-belt and multi-point" biomedicine industry in Shandong Province and the development of the "ten emerging industries" in Qingdao. It will provide strong impetus to SCO countries to achieve more practical results in the field of biomedicine cooperation.

In order to deepen government-enterprise cooperation and seek common development of SCODA, the signing ceremony of key projects was held during the Parallel Forum on Biomedicine. Jiaozhou Government signed strategic cooperation framework agreements on 11 projects, including BJ Bioscience Bispecific Antibodies R&D Center and Production Base, the integrated industry platform of Xynomic Pharmaceuticals (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., Oriental Beauty Valley Cosmetics and Cosmetic Medicine industry Alliance. The signing parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of biomedical products research and development, manufacturing and service, and empower the high-quality development and growth of the biomedical industry in SCODA.

Yang Shoubin, Chairman of Spright (Beijing)Technology Co., Ltd., and Wang Hefa, General Manager of Qingdao Project of Beijing Liando Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., respectively introduced the RCEP medical and health industry innovation entity and intelligent manufacturing area project and Huatong Liando · Qingdao Airport Biomedical Intelligent Manufacturing Port project. Subsequently, the inauguration ceremony of the SCO Biomedicine Supply Chain International Exchange Center and the appointment ceremony of the SCO Biomedicine Expert Committee were held on-site.

Zhou Gang, Director of Jiaozhou Administration of Market Regulation, introduced that the SCO Biomedicine Supply Chain International Exchange Center is a non-profit and non-governmental organization jointly initiated by life science service representative enterprises from China's biopharmaceutical field in accordance with the principles of equality, cooperation, mutual assistance, and reciprocity. Under the current trend of the overall development of China's biopharmaceutical industrial and supply chains, countries along the Belt and Road and SCO countries will provide opportunities for China's biopharmaceutical development, and SCO Biomedicine Supply Chain International Exchange Center will leverage the SCO strength to create overseas cooperation opportunities for local biopharmaceutical supply chain enterprises, so as to promote the development of the entire biopharmaceutical supply chain of China.

Guo Yunpei, Honorary President of the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, said that China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association and Jiaozhou jointly set up the SCO Biomedicine Expert Committee, which is convenient to quickly grasp the demands and development of SCO biomedical enterprises, further improve the accuracy of services, and promote the innovation and development of SCO biomedical industry with high quality. At the same time, the development prospect analysis and comprehensive review will be carried out on the biomedical projects to be implemented. After the establishment of the SCO Biomedicine Expert Committee, various types of activities will be organized to promote the complementarity and mutual benefit of peer information and peer resources, effectively avoid directional mistakes in enterprise development, and help enterprises formulate market development plans.

At the Parallel Forum on Biomedicine, Ma Guanghui, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Xie Hongyan, Vice President of Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. respectively delivered keynote speeches on "Innovation and Upgrading of China's Biopharmaceutical Supply Chain from the Application of Microspheres and Microcapsules in Biochemical Engineering" and "Path and Strategy of China's Biopharmaceutical Supply Chain Going Global". Representatives of outstanding entrepreneurs from the biomedical industry shared insights and built consensus, held dialogues on China's innovative pharmaceutical companies and supply chain collaborative development strategy under the background of the Belt and Road, gained insight into the future of pharmaceutical innovation, expressed forward-looking insights, and brought a high-quality feast of thinking to the audience.

"With the internationalization of medicine, the products of domestic suppliers need to reach the same level as international companies. The main challenges come from innovative technology, batch stability, regulatory compliance documentation and supply chain, and international talents." Xie Hongyan, Vice President of Hangzhou Cobetter Filter Equipment Co., Ltd., said that it is recommended to establish a sales model suitable for the conditions of each country, set up overseas branches and subsidiaries, find reasonable agent channels, build overseas research and development centers, factories or warehouses, and create international standards for production standards system, quality control system, and verification system.

SCODA will take this forum as an opportunity to accelerate the integration process of production and research based on the advantageous industries in biomedicine, strive to create a better business environment and service system, strengthen the coordinated development of all links of the industrial chain, take a global perspective, embrace innovation, and build new heights for the development of the biomedicine industry.

More than 90 representatives from all walks of life, including officials of government departments, foreign experts, experts from scientific research institutes, associations, and industrial chain enterprises in relevant fields, attended the forum.

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