Jiaozhou RRS Project

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Jiaozhou RRS Co., Ltd. was established on March 29, 2016, subject to Qingdao RRS Logistics Co., Ltd. The project is located in the SCODA, to the north of Yongding Road, south of Luanhe Road, west of Qingshan Electrical Appliances project, east of Baidun Cauldron project. The project was invested and built by Jiaozhou RRS Co., Ltd., mainly operating in storage and logistics business. The project has a total investment of 200 million yuan, covers 228 Mu of land, and a floor area of 94,000 m2. It went into operation in November, 2018. Jiaozhou RRS Ltd. Co. is a professional third-party logistics company under Haier Group, and undertakes the strategic layout of Haier Group. The company aims to build a logistics operation and service platform featuring a combination of virtual and real experience, and socialized delivery-on-demand service. The specific measures include establishing an information platform facilitating interactions between the supply and demand, a logistics system making direct delivery to the countryside, B2B and B2C logistics service platform and strategic materials storage center.

Jiaozhou the RRS Jiaozhou Virtual and Real Network Service Park project, invested and built by Jiaozhou RRS Ltd. Co., serves as a service hub for RRS in Qingdao, integrating delivery and assembling. It is also the national logistics distribution center. The company relies on advanced management philosophy and logistics technologies, integrates the first grade international networks and resources, so as to build the core competitiveness combining four networks, namely, the countryside storage network, the delivery-on-demand distribution network, the delivery and assembling in one service network, and the instant interaction information network. It strives to build an open, professional, standardized logistics service platform and resource-ecosphere platform. The business scenarios include storage, supply chain, carload and less-than-carload freight, and container mainline network. The objective is to build an open, professional, standardized logistics service platform.

Currently, the project is in operation, and secured an annual turnover of 4.5 million yuan in 2019, paid 2.6 million yuan of annual tax. Affected by the pandemic, the turnover in the first quarter of 2020 was lower than the same period last year, while in the second quarter, some business was suspended due to a two-month construction of the intelligence program. In 2020, the anticipated turnover is 22 million yuan, and the anticipated tax is 2.5 million yuan.

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