• Guidance for applying for a visa of the People's Republic of China

    Please apply for the type of visa according to your main reason for visiting China Types of visa and scope of applicants Types of visaScope of applicantsCCrew of international trains, international ai


  • Usual Questions

    1. What contents are on the Chinese visa?The registration items on the visa include the type of visa, the holder’s name, gender, date of birth, entry times, entry validity, duration of stay, date, and


  • List of Visa Exemption between China and Foreign Countries

    (Updated till May 2, 2020) Up till now, the People's Republic of China has signed visa exemption agreements with the following countries. No.Country of agreementTypes of certificate for visa exemp


  • Visa validity/duration of stay/times of entry

    Validity is a very important part of the visa. All the sovereign countries in the world issue visas with a clear time of validity. It means that a visa without a time of validity does not exist.The ti


  • Visa types

    1. According to visa types, there are diplomatic visa, service visa, and ordinary visa.2. According to reasons of entry and exit there are immigration visa, tourist visa, work visa, business visa, and


  • What to pay attention to before coming to China?

    Foreigners in China must abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.I. The applicant should check the validity of his/her visa before coming to China, and make sure there


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