What to pay attention to before coming to China?

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Foreigners in China must abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

I. The applicant should check the validity of his/her visa before coming to China, and make sure there are enough times of entries. Those whose visa expired or does not have enough times of entries should apply for a new visa.

II. Foreigners who bring animals, plants, or currency into China should abide by the related Chinese law, as well as the related regulations of the supervision departments for health quarantine, animal and plant inspection and quarantine, customs, and finance.

III. Foreigners in China are not allowed to engage in any activity unrelated to the matters applied for in visa application.

IV. Foreign citizens are not allowed to overstay in China. Foreign citizens in China should pay attention to the validity of their passports and the duration of stay on the visa. In case of necessary extended stay, they must apply for an extension with the local public security organization 7 days prior to their duration of stay expires.

V. Without approval, foreigners are not allowed to enter any area restricted to foreigners.

VI. In the following cases, foreigners will be refused to board the plane, denied entry or fined, or face other penalties. Please avoid these cases:

1. Those who come to China without obtaining a valid visa, except for those who are exempted from visa;

2. Those who come to China with an expired visa;

3. Those who overstay in China;

4. Those whose passports expired during their stay in China (regardless of whether the duration of stay on their visa is still valid).

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