Visa validity/duration of stay/times of entry

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Validity is a very important part of the visa. All the sovereign countries in the world issue visas with a clear time of validity. It means that a visa without a time of validity does not exist.

The time of validity of a visa refers to the period of time during which the holder of the visa could enter the country. Unless otherwise identified by the issuing authority, a visa takes effect from the day of issuance and expires at 24 o'clock Beijing time of the day of expiration. If there remain unused times of entry, before the time of validity ends (including the last day of validity), the holder could make an entry using the visa.

The duration of stay refers to the period during which the holder of the visa could stay in the destination country (region), starting from the day after the entry day.

The times of entry refers to the number of times the holder could make entry during the validity period of the visa. A visa is deemed invalid if the times of entry run out, or the visa expires with unused times of entry. In this case, one needs to re-apply for a visa in order to visit China. Those who attempt to enter China by invalid visa will be denied entry.

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