Fulfilling Expectation: SCODA Gained Good Momentum in 3 Years

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The wind is high and the tide strong.

In June 2018, President Xi Jinping announced at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit that the Chinese Government supports building a demonstration area in Qingdao for local economic and trade cooperation between China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). On July 24, 2019, the 9th Meeting of the Central Committee for Deepening Overall Reform reviewed and approved the General Plan for Building China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area, which unveiled the rapid growth of this bestowed and beloved land.

In the past three years, the SCODA had lived up to the high expectations, initiated and gained breakthroughs in systematic innovation, such as the "one order model" pilot for multimodal transport, a new model of credit financing, and launching "SCO Intelligent Manufacturing" among other brands, so that innovation ran through the whole organism like a shining golden thread.

From 2018 to 2021, fruitful achievements have been made in the SCODA, and the sparkling moments were engraved into the SCO time corridor.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit in June 2018 elevated the building of the SCODA to the national strategy level and unveiled the development of the SCODA. On September 28, 2018, the first batch of 26 projects of the SCODA were constructed, which marked that the building of the SCODA officially began.

Since 2020, the SCODA took off and gained full momentum. In building the international logistics center, the national logistics hub for commercial and trading services was approved. In building the modern trade center, the 2021 SCO Exposition was successfully held. In building a two-way investment cooperation center, investment promotion and talent recruitment saw new progress, with 20 projects totaling 56.7 billion RMB of investment began construction. In building the business, tourism and culture center, the SCODA Exhibition Hall and Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub were established and put into operation. In building the marine cooperation center, Zhonglu Oceanic Industrial Park was established in the area, and China-SCO Technology Transfer Center was unveiled...

The SCODA tested and sought breakthroughs bravely and reformed independently, with experience that could be replicated and popularized. It focused on systematic innovation as the pivot in achieving high-quality development. From carrying out the "one order" pilot for multimodal transport, exploring the new model of credit financing, to building the highland for SCO countries' scientific innovation on the basis of China-SCO Technology Transfer Center, the SCODA's achievements in systematic innovation have been expanded and upgraded.

Such systematic innovation was unprecedented for the SCODA, therefore required the courage and pioneering spirit to seek breakthroughs. The SCODA always put systematic innovation in the prominent position, courageously carried out self-reform, created the "SCO Intelligent Innovation" brand of systematic innovation, and yielded many new cases for systematic innovation.

The SCODA rode the tide, attracted major projects and gathered important industries. A number of high-profile projects were introduced here, highlighting the magnetic field effect of the golden brand of the SCODA.

The investment prospect and business environment of the SCODA are vividly interpreted by the major projects choosing to locate here. During the 2021 SCO Exposition, the SCODA signed cooperation memoranda with 4 cities and 19 industrial parks or areas from 17 countries. 20 projects with a total investment of 66.8 billion RMB including the Kazakhstan Economic Cooperation Center were signed on-site, promoting the pragmatic local economic and trade cooperation between Qingdao and SCO and Belt and Road countries to a higher level.

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