Preventive measures for tourism during the pandemic period

It is relatively safe to travel to most regions with new cases of COVID-19. But there are still new imported cases or local cases. We should keep alert and be aware of the risk of new COVID-19 cases. Traveling is not recommended for high-risk groups.

For instance, the elderly, patients with chronic disease, and pregnant women. If you plan to travel, we suggest you avoid rush hours, and try to avoid popular scenic spots or the rush hour of scenic spots, and also avoid entertainments in limited spaces. If you plan to travel across regions, please do your best to choose a region with no new case recently, and make sound preparation in advance, prepare masks and hand sanitizer for the trip.

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The Forbidden City in Beijing

The Forbidden City was the royal palace in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Located on the center of the axle of Beijing, it is the essence of China's ancient royal architecture.

Zhanqiao Pier of Qingdao

Zhanqiao Pier of Qingdao has a total length of 440 meters, a width of 8 meters. There is a semicircle breakwater on the southern end of the pier, enclosing a two-story octagon pavilion with distinctive Chinese features, called "Huilan Pavilion". Tourists could stand by the pavilion to appreciate the view of the waves splashing. The view of "waves turning at the pavilion" is one of the ten best views in Qingdao

Badaguan(Eight Great Passes) Scenic Area in Qingdao

One of the distinctive characteristics of Badaguan is the architecture of various styles of different countries, earning it the title of the "world architecture exposition". In Badaguan, there can be found architectures featuring styles of over 20 countries, such as Russia, Britain, France, Germany, the U.S., Denmark, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, and Japan.

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