Li Gang Led a Team to Visit Beijing and Shanghai

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From February 7 to 10, Li Gang, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, led a team to visit Beijing, Shanghai, and Xiamen, to communicate on exhibition preparation, investment attraction, the construction of Ruyi Lake headquarters base and other matters.


In Beijing, Li Gang visited the China Chamber of International Commerce and exchanged ideas with Wang Rui, Director of the Conference and Exhibition Department, and Xu Jinli, Vice Director of the Bilateral Cooperation Department, on the preparation of the 2023 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo and the SCO Industrial and Supply Chains Forum. Li Gang hoped that the China Chamber of International Commerce will strengthen its support for SCODA and facilitate its opening up at a high level.

Wang Rui and Xu Jinli said that the China Chamber of International Commerce will bring in relevant resources from economic and financial organizations, chambers of commerce and industry and enterprises of SCO countries to SCODA, enabling SCODA to carry out multidimensional and multi-tiered practical cooperation with SCO countries.

During his stay in Beijing, Li Gang also visited the Beijing Liaison Center of SCODA and made arrangements for future work.

In Shanghai, Li Gang visited Shanghai Bluesoul Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., and exchanged ideas with Yao Hao, Chairman of Bluesoul. Li Gang hoped that Bluesoul can take root in the construction of SCODA and help the marine industry of SCODA expand and prosper.

Yao Hao said that the company will accelerate the implementation of relevant projects in SCODA, and engage in high-end equipment production, technology incubation, and other related businesses in the marine field, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Then Li Gang visited Geespace, and exchanged ideas with the company's CEO Wang Yang. Li Gang hoped that the two sides will strengthen cooperation in industrial Internet, multimodal transport, cross-border logistics, emergency relief, and other fields, and jointly push SCO countries and countries along the Belt and Road to realize the upgrading of the satellite industrial chain and commercial application of space technology, so as to create a new engine for development.

Wang Yang said that Geespace will further deepen cooperation and explore new cooperation projects to achieve win-win development, take root in SCODA and support its development while accelerating the construction of the Geely satellite project.

In Xiamen, Li Gang presided over the meeting on the overall creative planning of Ruyi Lake Headquarters Base and communicated with Zhao Yanjing, Professor at Xiamen University on the construction of Ruyi Lake Headquarters Base. Zhao Yanjing introduced the overall creative planning and design ideas of Ruyi Lake Headquarters Base, and put forward suggestions on the functional planning, spatial planning, and business model design based on the development strategy of the modern SCO New Area and the construction task of SCODA.

Li Gang pointed out that the two sides should take this meeting as an opportunity to further strengthen communication, clarify the construction ideas, refine the work measures, follow the timeline, coordinate and promote infrastructure construction and supporting urban functions, urban landscape improvement, and other work, constantly optimize and improve the platform function of serving the economic and trade cooperation, and complete the planning and design with high quality, creating a sound beginning for the construction of Ruyi Lake Headquarters Base.

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