Zhang Xinzhu Met with the Mongolian Ambassador to China

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On February 8, Zhang Xinzhu, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of SCODA met with Tuvshin Badral, Ambassador of Mongolia to China at the Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center.


Zhang Xinzhu said that SCODA attaches great importance to cooperation with Mongolia, and the two sides have broad cooperation space in logistics, trade, investment, business, tourism, and culture exchanges. We hope that the Mongolian Embassy in China will make full use of the cooperation mechanism and have close communication and exchanges with SCODA. We also hope that H.E. Ambassador will lend greater attention and support to SCODA and facilitate deepening the practical cooperation between the two sides.

Tuvshin Badral said that the Mongolian Embassy in China will strengthen communication and cooperation with SCODA under the SCO framework, create a platform and convenience for the economic and trade exchanges between Mongolian and Chinese enterprises, and promote more fruitful cooperation between the two sides in various fields.

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