SCODA Held a Business Dialogue with Russia Organic Agriculture Alliance

2022-06-23 13:21:33 admin source: share:

On April 13, SCODA held a business dialogue with the Russia Organic Agriculture Alliance. Meng Qingsheng, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA delivered a speech. Sergey Aleksandrovich Korshunov, Chairman of Russia Organic Agriculture Alliance, and Aleksandr Mikhailovich Kuchubekov, Vice General Manager of Bisolbi Group attended.

Meng Qingsheng hoped that this meeting could increase understanding between SCODA and Russia Organic Agriculture Alliance, promote cooperation between agricultural enterprises of Qingdao and Russia, and leverage and aggregate the resources and advantages on both sides in agriculture, project and talent to promote more project cooperation and truly implement more pragmatic projects.

Sergey Aleksandrovich Korshunov said that Russia Organic Agriculture Alliance would fully support its member companies to utilize the platform of SCODA and actively carry out cooperation with Qingdao, Shandong and China in large in areas of agricultural trade, food certification, biotechnology, food safety and agricultural machinery.

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