Qingdao and Yerevan, the Capital of Armenia, Established Friendly Cooperative Cities Relationship

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Sergey Manasaryan said in his speech that the traditional friendship between China and Armenia went back to ancient times, and Armenia has always attached great importance to the relationship with China. He hoped that after establishing the friendly relationship, the two cities would continue to expand and deepen cooperation, and enhance people-to-people ties between the two countries.


Fan Yong congratulated the two cities on establishing the relationship during the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Armenia, and that it held great significance in promoting local economic, trade and cultural cooperation between China and Armenia.

Liu Jianjun said in his speech that Yerevan and Qingdao had broad prospects for cooperation in machinery manufacturing, international trade, two-way tourism and other fields. At present, Qingdao is accelerating the construction of the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area, and creating a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation. We sincerely welcome companies from Yerevan to showcase and sell their products and carry out economic and trade cooperation through SCODA. And we sincerely look forward to seeing the bilateral cooperation extend from economy and trade to culture, education and more areas, thus jointly creating a better future.

Hovhannisyan hoped that after establishing the cooperative relationship between the two cities, Yerevan's fruits and vegetables, wine, brandy and other high-quality products could be put on the table of Qingdao people, so that more Qingdao people can understand Armenia and fall in love with Armenia.

Li Gang said that SCODA has always maintained close communication with Armenia and carried out extensive practical cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, culture, business and tourism. Yerevan is the cultural center of Armenia and an ancient cultural capital. SCODA is focusing on promoting the construction of the Commercial, Tourism and Cultural Exchange Center. "We sincerely hope to take the opportunity of the establishment of friendly relationship between Qingdao and Yerevan, leverage the series activities of the inauguration ceremony of Ruyi Lake Commercial Complex and the Summer of SCODA, to further strengthen our cooperation with Yerevan and other Armenian cities in business and tourism and culture, promoting more pragmatic cooperation fruits."

The signing of the friendly agreement marks Yerevan becoming the 12th friendly city of Qingdao in SCO countries. So far, Qingdao's circle of friends of international friendly cities has been expanded to 85 cities in 47 countries. Qingdao's international sister city work will continue to serve local economic and social development, and focus on serving the construction of SCODA, China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade and a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation. We will gradually build a land sister cities network system with sister cities from SCO countries as the mainstay, facilitating Qingdao in building an international gateway city.

Before the event, Liu Jianjun had a protocol meeting with Ambassador Sergey Manasaryan. Li Gang attended the protocol meeting.

Mou Jundian, Director General of Qingdao Municipal Foreign Affairs Office accompanied.


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