Deepen the Construction of "Four Centers" to Contribute SCO Strength for the Institutional Opening-up of the Province

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On March 1, Dazhong Daily published an article titled "Strive to Contribute the Commerce Strength of Shandong Practice for Chinese Modernization". In the New Year, the commerce institutions of the province proposed to continue to adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, focusing on restoring and expanding consumption, promoting high-level opening up, and creating a new hub of opening up, to demonstrate commerce responsibility in building a strong modern socialist province in the new era (click "Read the article" below to see the full report). In the part of "Forge Ahead in 2023 to Further Plan to Expand Institutional Opening-up", specific ideas and methods are put forward for deepening the construction of "four centers" in SCODA.


According to the report, to deepen the construction of "four centers" in SCODA, the Shandong commercial system will actively expand the trade scale with SCO countries this year, increase the efforts to attract and cultivate trade entities, and promote the agglomeration of resources projects. It is also planned to promote the operation of the Qingdao International Energy Exchange and build the SCO International Hub Port, to create a gateway for SCO countries to access the Asia-Pacific market. Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center will be operated efficiently. The service functions of the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Comprehensive Service Platform will be optimized and improved, and high-level major events such as the SCO Industrial and Supply Chains Forum will be hosted.

In the future, SCODA will seize development opportunities, build platforms, create models, gather industries and strengthen entities, and further open up channels for international cooperation and deepen trade among SCO countries by leveraging platforms such as the Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center, China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Comprehensive Service Platform, and Qingdao International Energy Exchange. It will provide scenarios, models, and examples for local economic and trade cooperation under the international multilateral and bilateral framework. At the same time, the SCO Industrial and Supply Chains Forum will present opportunities to further address the pain points and bottlenecks in SCO supply and industry chains, so as to deepen and strengthen exchanges and cooperation among SCO countries in investment, trade, and other fields.


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