Video Meeting between SCODA and Kyrgyzstan Embassy in China Held to Discuss Cooperation and Seek Common Development

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To further facilitate the cooperation in international logistics between the SCODA and Central Asian countries, on June 1, SCODA and Kyrgyzstan Embassy in China, Kyrgyzstan Railway Administration, Kyrgyzstan Customs, and Kyrgyzstan Logistics Corporation held a video meeting. Representatives from the international logistics department of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA, Jiaozhou Customs, and Qilu Eurasian Freight Train Operation Co., Ltd. of Shandong High-speed Group attended the meeting.


During the video meeting, all sides discussed the difficulties in the train operation, the building of logistics hubs, cargo source and quality identification. They also reached a consensus on organizing cargo sources for the returning trains, jointly building overseas logistics bases, building and sharing the "golden channel" for international logistics, and setting up Kyrgyzstan State Hall in the SCODA. The SCODA established a regular communication mechanism with the related departments of Kyrgyzstan, would implement the cooperation consensus as soon as possible, promote efficient development of the China-Kyrgyzstan logistics channel, and make concerted efforts to create an international logistics channel connecting the east and west, land and sea.


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