Guests from Yihai Kerry Group Visited SCODA

2021-07-10 15:16:38 admin source: share:

On June 4, Xu Yongjun, Director of Peanut and Sesame Business Department, General Manager of Shandong Area and Qingdao Corporate Cluster of Yihai Kerry Group visited the SCODA. Xiang Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA met with Xu Yongjun.


Xiang Zhiqiang said that the SCODA would fully leverage the advantages of as a platform, actively coordinate with the provincial government and supervising ministries to stipulate more favorable policies for the projects of high-quality enterprises, and implement supporting service measures. He also said that hope Yihai Kerry Group would work with the SCODA to set up a trading platform and build the business settlement center of Yihai Kerry Group in North China.

Xu Yongjun said that the group would like to work with the SCODA to carry out import and export with SCO and Belt and Road countries for bulk commodities such as oil plants, wheat and corn, expand the business, and create a new situation of mutual trust and win-win cooperation.

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