International Innovation Center for marine science and technology of the local economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone of China Shanghai Cooperation Organization

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The total investment of the project is 2 billion yuan. In order to pay attention to the development needs of the national marine economy, implement the economic and trade achievements of the SCO Qingdao summit, and give full play to the support and backbone role of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) in the province's scientific and technological innovation system, as well as its advantages in international cooperation, scientific research and industrial technology research and international teaching.

The project is located in the east of Huiying street, west of Jiaoda Avenue, south of Zhujiang Road and north of ecological Avenue in Shanghe demonstration area, covering an area of about 210 mu. The innovation centers include: International Cooperation Center of marine science and technology, international demonstration college and Research Institute of marine monitoring equipment industry and technology, one center, two institutes and one park of marine monitoring equipment industry characteristic Park, International Joint Laboratory of SCO, marine science and technology economic and trade platform, Shanghai Cooperation Center of China Uzbekistan science and Technology Innovation Research Institute and world marine science and Technology Forum ocean observation "Four units" with the detection technology sub forum, "two bases" with industry education integration training base and Shanghai Cooperation International talent training base, "two platforms" with professional technology innovation platform and public support platform. It is estimated that one belt, one road, will be built in five years, and the achievement transformation will be registered in 10 enterprises in the park, with a tax rate of 40 million yuan. No less than 6 international cooperation achievements with display degree will be completed and transferred, and no less than 8 technological and equipment output for the "one belt and one road" country; 800 people in the school based undergraduate course and 200 graduates may be expected.

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