Promotional Event of Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center Held in Beijing

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    On August 17, the Promotional Event of Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center was held at the SCO Secretariat in Beijing. Over 60 Chinese and international guests including diplomatic envoys of SCO countries in China, representatives of domestic and foreign economic institutions and entrepreneurs gathered in Beijing to renew friendship, discuss cooperation opportunities and seek common development.


    Sohail Khan, SCO Deputy Secretary General, attended the event and delivered a speech. Li Gang, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee of and Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, attended the event and promoted SCODA and Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center.

Creating a Landmark Project of SCODA

    In June 2018, the 18th Meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the SCO Member States was held in Qingdao, during which the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area was announced to be constructed in Qingdao. Li Gang said in the promotional speech that since the construction began, SCODA has actively participated in and served the development of the SCO, and made all-out efforts to promote the construction of the four centers for international logistics, modern trade, two-way investment cooperation, and commercial, tourism and cultural exchange, and the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade. Over 2,000 international freight trains were operated, and more than 40 innovation achievements with distinct SCO characteristics including the SCO Trade Index, Credit SCO, SCO Band Insurance Pass, SCO Exchange Rate Guarantee have been secured. And over 62 sessions of foreign aid trainings and economic and trade trainings have been organized, attracting 6,100 participants and accelerating the building of a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation. The Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center promoted this time is a masterpiece and a landmark project of SCODA, aiming to promote the bilateral and multilateral integration in areas of capital, technology and talent with SCO countries and countries along the Belt and Road in a wider range and at a deeper level by Qingdao and Shandong Province.

  It was introduced that the Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center is designed by the team led by Cui Kai, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The architect themes on "flowers in the sea, shining pearls and shells". It adopts a circular layout symbolizing "harmony". With seven groups of centripetal shells, the building is connected as a whole through the wavy white roof, shaping the core image of "sea", "flower", "pearl" and "shell". The overall design fully integrates the "SCO elements", the coastal characteristics of Qingdao , the cultural heritage of Shandong and China's open and inclusive image of the times.

Building a New Platform for Open Regional Cooperation among SCO Countries

    It is reported that the Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center covers an area of 168,800 m2. It integrates the functions of conference and exhibition, sightseeing and tourism, commodity exhibition and sales, cultural exchange, commercial services and so on. It is composed of four parts: Comprehensive Hall, SCO Elements Cultural Exhibition Area, Multi-functional Hall and Central Square. It is committed to building an important platform for bilateral and multilateral exchanges with the SCO.

    As an integral part of the expo center, the SCO Elements Cultural Exhibition Area provides exhibition halls for all SCO countries, comprehensively showcasing the life scenes and featured elements of the various countries, covering their history, culture, art and folk customs. It will leverage digital light and video to authentically present the rich cultural flavors of SCO countries, and to promote featured products of the various countries, promoting the exchanges of history and culture among SCO countries.

    The Comprehensive Hall can hold high-level industrial exhibitions, large-scale business negotiations and other commercial activities. The Multi-functional Hall can provide artistic and cultural activities and exhibitions with SCO characteristics. The Central Square can accommodate a series of activities such as large-scale outdoor live light show, cultural and art performances and festival celebrations of SCO countries.

    In addition, the Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center will take market-oriented operation as the guidance, extending the four directions with business characteristics including "exhibition, business, tourism and culture" to create China's first new complex of "exhibition, business, tourism and culture" and a new cultural scenario experience space. It will become the first SCO Cultural Experience Base, the first SCO-themed commercial complex in China, an international research base for teenagers, and a preferred destination for micro-vacations in cities. And it will become a comprehensive new space for the interaction and integration of diverse business forms and for one-stop cultural experience of the SCO countries.

Expo Center to Be Launched and Put into Operation on September 30

    It's worth mentioning that the Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center will be launched and put into operation on September 30. And a series of activities will be organized, such as the SCODA achievements exhibition, SCO countries art performances, SCO countries food festival and SCO countries photography exhibition.

    In the future, SCODA will use Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center as a platform to organize a series of major events at SCODA, including China-SCO Digital Trade Forum, China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Exchange Forum, the "New Partners, New Opportunities, Joining Hands for the Future" SCO Economic and Trade Exchange Fair, and Qingdao Multinationals Summit.

    "The SCODA has created conditions for deepening inter-regional cooperation among SCO countries in the fields of enterprise development, international logistics, e-commerce, education, tourism and innovation." Sohail Khan said. The launch and operation of Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center will further promote the trade, investment and cultural cooperation among SCO countries.

    The attending representatives highly commended the "SCO speed" demonstrated in the construction of Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center. They expressed the readiness of actively participating in the construction of relevant projects, strengthening communication and cooperation in cultural and people-to-people exchange, education, science and technology, and seeking new opportunities for cooperation and creating a new pattern of development.

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