Liu Jianjun and Russian Ambassador Talk via Video Link

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On April 9, Liu Jianjun, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Qingdao Committee and Secretary of CPC Jiaozhou Committee, had a conversation with Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov. Liu introduced SCODA and the progress of its "five centers". The two sides had an in-depth exchange on how to facilitate the "China-Russia Comprehensive Agricultural Cooperation" and other projects.  

Liu introduces in his remarks that President Xi Jinping announced at the 18th Meeting of the Council of Heads of States of SCO on June 10, 2018 that the Chinese Government supports the establishment of China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area in Qingdao, which marks the beginning of a new era for SCODA. At present, following the instructions of General Secretary Xi to "build a new 'Belt and Road' international cooperation platform", SCODA is actively building the "five centers", namely, international logistics center, modern trade center, two-way investment cooperation center, business travel and cultural exchange development center, and marine cooperation center. Liu expresses hopes to make joint efforts in promoting the density and quality of international block trains and make logistics smoother, inviting the presence of chambers of commerce, association and trade companies from Russia, promoting two-way investment and carrying out technological cooperation to jointly foster industrial chains, inviting more Russian businesses to the Area for exhibition, and exploring the possibility of importing more aqua products and building the distribution center of Russian aqua products in China.

Mr. Denisov introduces plans for China-Russia agricultural cooperation and logistics cooperation. He expresses full confidence in SCODA and expectations on deeper bilateral economic and trade cooperation. He promises to thoroughly study the business opportunities of SCODA and promote practical cooperation.

After hearing the ambassador's introduction, Liu responds by expressing hopes for smoother communication channels and further and solid progress of agricultural and logistics cooperation based on clearly-formulated roadmap and timetable by leveraging the SCODA platform and tapping into the potential of bilateral cooperation, so as to make active contribution to the realization of the goal of reaching 200 billion US dollars in bilateral foreign trade in 2024 set together by the heads of states of China and Russia.

Wang Kaiwen, former ambassador to Latvia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, former SCO Deputy Secretary-General , Deputy Secretary-General of Eurasian Economic Forum; Li Jun, Chairman of Beijing Silk Road Station Technology Management Co., Ltd.; Huang Jiangnan, senior consultant to Beijing Silk Road Station Technology Management Co., Ltd. and former chief economist of China Everbright Group;  Kang Jiaruo, former envoy to Russia, Chief Representative of RUSAL, all speak on deepening bilateral economic and trade cooperation via the SCODA platform.

Mou Jundian, Director of Qingdao Foreign Affairs Office, and Meng Qingsheng, Deputy Director of SCODA Administrative Committee, attended the meeting.

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