Representatives of News Departments of Ministries of Foreign Affairs from SCO Member States Discussed Upcoming SCO Anniversary Commemorating Summit

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From April 22 to 23, 2021, based on the Executive Commission of SCO Regional Anti-terrorism Institution, the regular consultation meeting of news departments of SCO member states was held in Tashkent, presided over by the rotating chairmanship Uzbekistan.


Due to objective reasons, the news departments' representatives meeting was held both online and offline. India, China, Pakistan, and SCO Secretariat participated online.

The conference is aimed to discuss the ways of coordination, and media support in organizing the summit commemorating the 20th anniversary of the founding of SCO, and to exchange constructive opinions on the reporting of the summit commemorating SCO anniversary in Dushanbe this September.


After the consultation meeting, the minutes of the meeting were signed, in which all parties made positive reviews on the news activities of the Secretariat, and regarded the work done as comprehensive and effective.

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