11th Meeting of SCO Member States' Officials in Charge of Drug Control Successfully Held

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On June 11, the 11th Meeting of SCO Member States' Officials in Charge of Drug Control (hereinafter referred to as the meeting) was hosted by Tajikistan via video link, and attended by representatives of the SCO Secretariat.

During the meeting, in a friendly and conducive atmosphere, all sides exchanged ideas on the drug situation in SCO member states, prospects for drug control international cooperation, and measures for strengthening pragmatic cooperation among the drug control departments of SCO member states. 

All sides said that they would loyally protect and consolidate the international drug control system based on the three major UN conventions. Through the UN's central coordination, they also reiterated the position of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, the UN decision-making organization in this area. 

It was also mentioned that the use of modern information processing technologies and electronic financial tools as the main tools for money laundering and spending the profits of drug dealing in illegal activities posed adverse impacts on national, regional and global security. 

All sides restated that they are willing to continue to promote common ground and cooperation in drug control, protect and consolidate the existing international drug control system, under the framework of the United Nations and other international drug control forums.

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