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Qingdao ROOTAI Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise supported by academicians, Changjiang Scholars, and distinguished young scholars from the CAS Institute of Automation, Zhejiang University, and the CAS-Artificial Intelligence Research (CAS-AIR). Relying on the core scientific research achievements of the CAS Institute of Automation and the CAS-AIR in image and video processing and Big Data analysis, the company is committed to key technological breakthroughs and innovative applications in the fields of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. Its main research areas include large-scale situation awareness, biometrics and security, intelligent analysis of Big Data, and intelligent awareness theory and its application. So far, the company has obtained a number of patents in computer vision and intelligent perception, won the second prize of the 9th Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Progress, Qingdao Smart City Model Case Award, and other awards and honors, and undertaken and participated in many major scientific research projects at ministerial, provincial, and municipal levels.

The company’s core business includes smart city, smart park (community), smart security, smart sports, smart old-age care, smart transportation, and other industrial application solutions. Its products have been used in the Beijing Horticultural Expo 2019, the SCO International Investment and Trade Expo 2019, and the smart parks, smart communities, and smart city systems of more than a dozen cities such as Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Qingdao, providing comprehensive services for urban housing, construction, political and legal committees, public security, Big Data, and other departments.

ROOTAI uses artificial intelligence to empower the real economy and bring revolutionary changes to production and life. It aims to build an industrial chain with government and enterprise investment from infrastructure construction, scientific research, and technology to application development. With the intelligent perception technology of the CAS Institute of Automation and the CAS-AIR, ROOTAI leverages this as a core advantage to drive its family of products. The Big Data from different traditional industries are analyzed and extracted through the training of existing products in operation, thus connecting the two ends for empowerment. Existing product technical solutions are refined directly based on Big Data, and personalized solutions are tailored to customer needs. ROOTAI enables the scientific research and market in the industrial chain, builds a bridge of information and data, and improves the conversion efficiency, thus achieving win-win benefits for the government, scientific research, industries, enterprises, market, and the public.

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