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Through the new model of capital + industrial cluster integration, an AIoT unicorn is created by laying out a smart residential ecosystem worth over 100 billion yuan

The headquarters of Shaohaihui is located in the core area of the SCODA. It is a demonstration base of Industry 4.0 and a demonstration park of industrial manufacturing.


Different from the traditional mode of holding enterprises and groups, Shaohaihui is a “decentralized” and partnership management-based ecosystem. Through the new capital + industry cluster integration model, while incubating innovative enterprises such as Youzhu, Eoroom Technology, and Krund, it also joins hands with ChinaEquity Group, China International Capital Corporation Limited, Forebright Capital, China Broadband Capital, and TF Securities to invest in home automation industrial chain enterprises.

Up to now, there are 59 member enterprises in the Shaohaihui ecosystem, with an output value of 20 billion yuan and cumulative financing of four billion yuan. Seventeen home automation industrial parks have been built across China, and a comprehensive system covering the whole industrial chain of home automation has taken shape.

In the era of the Internet of Things, enterprises need not only capital but also a strong combination of industrial clusters for rapid expansion.

In the new round of technological revolution and industrial change, Shaohaihui will leverage its advantages as a home automation platform and continue to make efforts in the interconnection of home appliances and home furnishing, the research and development of key technologies such as whole-house voice control module, and the integration of whole-house smart supply chain. Together with domestic first-tier capital, the company is committed to comprehensively laying out the IoT-based ecological home and becoming a unicorn in the residential application of artificial intelligence.

In December 2019, Shaohaihui was selected as one of the top 500 global unicorns of 2019.

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