SCODA: Leveraging Scenarios of "Five New Cities" to Create an International Public Goods Supply Ecology Platform

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On February 17, the "Roadshow of Centering on the 'Year of Breakthroughs' to Accelerate Building the 'Five New Cities' of SCODA" was held at Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center. It aimed to seize the strategic opportunity of the Opinions on Supporting the High-Quality Development of SCODA issued by the Shandong Provincial Government. The event systematically interpreted the innate logic of building the "five new cities", and comprehensively displayed the path of building the "five new cities" at SCODA. Experts of national think tanks such as the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation of National Development and Reform Commission, representatives of leading enterprises including Shandong Hi-Speed, Shandong Port Group, Shandong Environmental Protection Development Group, Tencent Group and Haier Group, and heads of municipal departments including Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Qingdao Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Qingdao Municipal Government, etc., attended the event.


During the event, 12 work teams of the "five new cities" of SCODA presented roadshows on the current progress and key tasks in 2024. The Scientific and Technological Innovation Comprehensive Service Center stated that it would seize the opportunity to implement the scientific and technological cooperation between Shandong and Hong Kong, and to transfer, commercialize, and incubate a number of products with scientific and technological innovation and technologies, thus promoting the integration of the innovation chain with the industrial and supply chains. According to the SCO International Capital Port, in 2024, it will strive to bring in over 100 private equity investment institutions and apply for the first public fund license. The SCODA Hub Port Development Bureau will open routes including the "SCODA-Tongjiang-Moscow" international train, and the passenger and cargo routes of "Qingdao-Urumqi" and "Xi'an-Central Asia", etc., which will fully release the synergy of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits for the Belt and Road international transport channel.

The commanders of headquarters of the "five new cities" reported on the overall work of these new cities, and provided solutions for the difficulties and bottlenecks in practical cooperation.

The event highlighted the mindset of "industrial and supply chains", centered on improving the public goods nature, and deliberated and passed the Key Tasks of Striving to Solve Problems in Practical Cooperation and Coordinate to Promote the High-Quality Development of SCODA, to accelerate building a modern industrial system driven by the mindset of industrial and supply chains. The Key Tasks will focus on the development needs of SCODA, take the perspective of solving the problems encumbering enterprises in industrial and supply chains and foreign economic and trade cooperation, facilitate faster and robust development of the "five new cities", and pick up the pace of breaking systematic obstacles, institutional and policy blocks, thus enhancing the core competitiveness of SCODA.

"Building the 'five new cities' is an inevitable choice to integrate competitive resources and gather strong momentum, as well as a crucial measure to fuel the rising of the SCO New Area." Li Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA said in his remarks that SCODA would continue to focus on serving the international cooperation of China, and strive to transform the trust and expectations of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, Shandong Provincial Government, the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee, and Qingdao Municipal Government into the vivid practice of the "five new cities".

In the future, the "five new cities" will continue to iterate the path for innovative development, and solve the difficulties and bottlenecks in practical cooperation by adopting the mindset of industrial and supply chains. It will build platforms and solutions, connect resources, and open up by providing public goods of four categories including real entity, system, institution, and intelligence. It will also enrich and improve the supply of international public goods and the service capacity of SCODA, and provide systematic solutions for the economic and trade cooperation among SCO countries and countries engaged in the Belt and Road development, forming the "SCO sample" with core competitiveness.

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