SCODA Invited to International Day of Nowruz

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On March 19, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) hosted the International Day of Nowruz celebration in Beijing. The festival celebration was attended by Vladimir Norov, Secretary-General of SCO; Le Yucheng, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of China; Zhang Deguang, the first Secretary-General of SCO; foreign diplomats in China, representatives from Chinese and foreign companies, and international students in China. Xiang Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee, SCODA, attended the event on behalf of the SCODA upon invitation.


During the event, Xiang Zhiqiang talked with diplomats in China from SCO countries, briefing them on the development of the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area (SCODA) and basic conditions of the 2021 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo and SCO Qingdao Forum on Local Economic and Trade Cooperation. He also sincerely invited the ambassadors to China to attend the event in Qingdao. Xiang's invitation received positive responses from the ambassadors of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Moldova. Meanwhile, he also had in-depth discussions on such topics as logistics, customs, business and trade, investment, activities celebrating the 20th of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, etc., promising to continually follow up and advance the work, with Dumitru Braghiș, Ambassador of Moldova to China; Muhammad Egamzod, Deputy Ambassador of Tajikistan to China; Tatyana Kharlap, Senior Counselor with the Embassy of Belarus in China, and Aseinov Meder, Counselor with the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in China.

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