Working with Russia

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1. Promoting the Haier Russia Industrial Park project. Haier Group has set up the Haier Russia Industrial Park in Czerny city of the Republic of Tatarstan of Russia, producing refrigerators, washing machines, etc. The project is going smoothly.

2. Promoting Yingpu Agriculture project. Shandong Yingpu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. has been registered in the SCODA. The company plans to build a processing base in the central station of Jiaozhou Bay Logistics Park, plant soy beans and other crops in Russia which will be transported to the SCODA for trade and processing via China-Russia freight trains. This project is going through approval procedures currently.

3. Promoting Yazuan project. The group intends to build its Yazuan Russian Headquarters building in the SCODA, to consolidate Russian companies in business and trade, logistics, finance and culture areas, and form a headquarter and business cluster of Russian companies. The vision is to build a China-Russia base for business, tourism and cultural exchanges, and gradually benefit the rest of China, SCO countries and countries along the Belt and Road.

4. Promoting cooperation with Lide Group in Russian business. Xi'an Lide Group is well connected in Russia in terms of business and resources. Lide Group plans to work with the SCODA regarding economic, trade and cultural cooperation with Russia.

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