Working with Pakistan

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We will build China-Pakistan Center, promote the cooperation between Qingdao Tourism Group and Pakistan, and build the Haier Group Shandong-Pakistan Industrial Park in Pakistan.

1. Building China-Pakistan Center: Invested and built by Pakistan-China Center, the project is of 1.7 billion RMB in total investment, taking up 23 Mu of land, and a floor area of 190,000 square meters. Pakistan-China Center takes a leading position in promoting the profound and all-round coordination and cooperation in various areas between the two countries. Once the project is completed, a series of institutions will be set up and operated, including Pakistan Talents Center, Visa Service Center, Products Showcase and Trade Center, Two-way Culture, Tourism and Education Exchanges Center, China-Pakistan Cross-border E-commerce Trade Center, Financial Center, Pakistan Investment Center, China-Pakistan Two-way Investment Companies' Headquarters, China-Pakistan Scientific Innovation Park, and Platform for Pakistani Business Associations. The project will become the pioneer of China-Pakistan cooperation.

2. Promoting the cooperation between Qingdao Tourism Group and Pakistan. First, the two sides will jointly invest in and establish the SCODA (Qingdao) International Business, Tourism and Culture Exchanges Center. The registered capital is 35 million USD, with Qingdao Tourism Group holding 40% of the shares, and the foreign side holding 60%. The joint venture will be registered and located in the SCODA. In the future, the joint venture will take initiative and carry out foreign-related comprehensive business, two-way tourism, research, education and training programs, conference and exhibition, cultural exchanges, etc. Second, the two sides will carry out large scale cultural exchange programs to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and Pakistan. In order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and Pakistan, and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Qingdao Tourism Group will join hands with Pakistan China Center in organizing China-Pakistan Modern Calligraphy and Painting Tour. Thanks to the support of Pakistani Embassy in China, Pakistani Ministry of Culture will consult and discuss with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China to seek approval for this program to be carried out in 2021. This event will coincide with other celebrations for the anniversary of the two countries' establishment of diplomatic relationship, reinforce Qingdao's efforts in building an international fashion city, as well as promote the business, tourism and culture exchange programs of the SCODA. Third, the two sides will build Lahore Undersea World project. Pakistan with a population of 220 million, does not have any undersea world yet. There's great potential in the future consumption demand and room for development. So Qingdao Tourism Group and the Pakistani side will work together on this project. According to the preliminary plan, the Pakistani side will be responsible for the construction, while Qingdao Tourism Group will be responsible for the planning, design, operation and management. Fourth, the two sides will build a two-way tourism center. China and Pakistan are close in location, and the two peoples are close to each other in heart. The two countries enjoy highly stable political, military and economic relationship, therefore, it is what the two peoples wish for that the people-to-people exchanges should be prosperous. Qingdao Tourism Group will cooperate with the Pakistani side to set up a two-way tourism service center for the benefit of the two countries, and further promote the introduction of tourism resources in the two countries, as well as people-to-people exchanges. Fifth, the two sides will build a sister city commercial plaza. Qingdao Tourism Group and the Pakistani side will jointly build and operate the sister city commercial plaza on the piece of land for the country centers project of the SCODA. This will become a commercial complex for SCO countries and our sister cities.

3. Building the Haier Group Shandong-Pakistan Industrial Park in Pakistan. Presently, the accumulative investment reaches 82.61 million USD, with 3 companies locating their business in the park. The total output is 240 million USD, creating export of domestic goods worth 120 million USD, bringing 69.05 million USD to the host country in total tax revenue. Haier continues to maintain the largest market share in Pakistan. 

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