GLP (Jiaozhou) Logistics Park Project

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GLP is the largest supplier and service provider of modern industrial parks in China, who initiated, built and promoted smart logistics and the related industrial ecological system in Chinese market in the earliest.

GLP Jiaozhou Logistics Park has a total investment of $50 million and covers a land area of 284 mu. The first phase of the project was put into operation in December 2016, with a floor area of 34,000 m2. After the operation, COSCO Logistics, Shandong Hi-speed, JD, and other large state-owned enterprises and famous e-commerce customers have been successively introduced. The second phase, with a floor area of 82,000 m2, is under construction and is scheduled to start operation in May 2020. This project is designed in accordance with the “high-end, emerging, intelligent, and ecological” development concept of the Jiaozhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. By seizing the opportunity of the SCODA development and leveraging its advantages in high-end customers and supply chain finance products, GLP will build the project into a high-end modern intelligent logistics base that integrates smart urban distribution with medicine, cold chain, and value-added services such as supply chain finance.

In 2019, the operating income was 7.75 million yuan and the annual tax revenue was 2.28 million yuan. The estimated operating income will reach 13 million yuan and the annual tax revenue will reach 5 million yuan in 2020.

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