Qingdao and Kandy of Sri Lanka Established Friendly Cooperative Cities Relationship

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On the morning of November 15, 2021 Thematic Events of "Sister City Cooperation for a Shared Future"--Kandy-Qingdao Online Dialogue on Friendly Cooperation was held at Qingdao Municipal Conference Center. Zhao Haozhi, Vice Secretary of the CPC Qingdao Committee, Mayor of Qingdao attended and delivered a speech. Qingdao and Kandy of Sri Lanka signed the agreement on establishing a friendly cooperative cities relationship.


Zhao Haozhi said in his speech that he hoped the two sides could fully leverage the platform for exchange and cooperation, enhance two-way investment and trade, and deepen cultural and tourism cooperation. We welcome the companies from Kandy to exhibit their products, promote their projects, and carry out trade negotiations and investments in Qingdao. And we will continue to encourage more companies from Qingdao to explore cooperation opportunities in Kandy. Meanwhile, we should further promote the friendly exchanges between the two governments and peoples. We hope the future exchanges and cooperation between the two cities could yield fruitful results and benefit the people.

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