The SCO Center Project (landmark building)

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Functions: As a landmark building in the SCODA, the SCO Center has a main tower with a height of 350m and a secondary tower with a height of 240m. It is a super high-rise urban complex that integrates hotel, office, conference, business, apartment, sightseeing, entertainment, shopping and other business forms. Upon completion, it will become the "SCO Oriental Headquarters".

Construction scale: Covering a land area of 50,000 m2.

Its building area is 462,000 m2.

Total investment: The total investment is approximately 5 billion yuan.

Project location: In a parcel to the north of Jinhu, south of Changjiang Road, west of Jinrong Avenue, and east of Jiaoda Avenue.

Cooperative directions: 

1. Investment, financing, development, construction, and operation. 

2. To settle in, start business, and establish a regional headquarters. 

3. Promoting the implementation of bilateral financial investment business for central enterprises.

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