SCO International Conference Center and Civic Square Project

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Functions: As a main venue for recent international conferences, communications, receptions, and high-level meetings in the SCODA, the project includes two single buildings of the SCO International Conference Center, the State Banquet Hall and the Reception Hall. The SCO Civic Square mainly bears the functions of providing public service facilities to enrich the life of residents in the SCODA.

Construction scale: Covering a land area of 146,000 m2.

Its building area is 90,000 m2.

Total investment: The total investment is approximately 1 billion yuan.

Project location: In a parcel to the north of Qiantangjiang Road, south of Changjiang Road, west of Weimin Street, and east of Xingfu Street.

Cooperative direction: 

1. Investment, financing, development, and construction.

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