11th "Silk Road Lecture Hall" of SCODA Successfully Held

2021-09-25 14:14:18 admin source: share:

On July 29, the 11th "Silk Road Lecture Hall" of the SCODA was successfully held at the B1 lecture hall of SCO Service Center. Zhang Yong, Deputy Director of Shanghai Institution for Finance and Development, Chief Expert and President of the Silk Road Research Institute (Haikou) Co., Ltd. were invited to lecture on the topic of "Learning from the Practice of the Pioneering Area and Free Trade Port, Tell the SCODA Story".



During the lecture, Zhang Yong cited his own research and academic findings and made an in-depth interpretation for the audience of the latest progress of the Hainan Free Trade Port and the systematic innovation of the Pudong Pioneering Area. He also provided practical suggestions for the development of the SCODA in the areas of facilitating trade in goods, innovation of trade in service, investment and financing, etc.


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