SCODA Organized Bank Institutions to Introduce Policies and Service to Enterprises

2021-09-25 14:26:11 admin source: share:

On the afternoon of August 5, the "Meeting of Banking Institutions Introducing Policies and Services to the Enterprises at SCODA" was successfully held at SCO Service Center. This event was jointly organized by the Fiscal and Financing Department, and Economic Development Department of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA, China Development Bank Qingdao Branch, and Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank. The SCODA organized over 20 enterprises to participate, including Liando U Valley, Zhangshi Shangjia and Nengfeng Electronics.



During the event, China Development Bank Qingdao Branch focused on introducing the lending products and policies for small and micro enterprises through Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank. Meanwhile, the banking institutions answered the questions of the companies in detail and provided specific financial advice according to the different situations of each company. Through communication, three intentions for cooperation were reached on site.

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