SCODA Held a Video Conference with Russian Enterprises

2022-06-21 14:22:17 admin source: share:

On the afternoon of April 20, the Administrative Committee of SCODA held a video conference with Rosneft Oil, China General Chamber of Commerce-Russia and Silk Road Post Group. Hao Guoxin and Lin Changhua, Deputy Directors of the Administrative Committee of SCODA attended.

Hao Guoxin welcomed the Russian enterprises to locate their businesses at SCODA, deepen bilateral cooperation in energy and trade, etc., explore cooperation paths and implement more projects, thus making active contributions to China-Russia local economic and trade cooperation.

Lin Changhua said that SCODA would like to establish cooperation partnerships with Russian enterprises, carry out pragmatic financial cooperation and promote higher-level development of bilateral trade cooperation.

     Milensky, Director of Information Analysis, Security and International Liaison Department and Director of Carbon Management Department of Rosneft Oil, said that both sides reached a consensus on relevant cooperation content and hoped to further strengthen communication and exchanges in the future to achieve win-win cooperation.

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