Zeng Zanrong Visited Jiaozhou and Emphasized: Keeping in Mind the Key Task and Shouldering Responsibility to Deliver Pragmatic Results and Yield Greater Achievements in the Development of SCODA

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On December 31, Zeng Zanrong, Secretary of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee, visited Jiaozhou to inspect the development of SCODA and the progress of key industrial projects. He emphasized the importance of thoroughly learning and implementing the important instructions and requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping on jointly developing the Belt and Road and building SCODA, to shoulder the key national task, strengthen exploration and practice, strive to yield greater achievements in the development of SCODA, and accelerate building a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation.


Zeng Zanrong visited the Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center, the landmark project of SCODA, and heard reports on the planning and development of SCODA. He said that building SCODA is an important strategic decision announced, implemented and promoted by General Secretary Xi Jinping. We should keep in mind the high expectations, focus on building the "four centers", further clarify the functional positioning, improve comprehensive supporting facilities on the basis of the leading function, and make continuous efforts in promoting economic and trade cooperation, institutional innovation, and attracting major projects, etc., thus substantially promoting the high-quality development of SCODA. We should improve the development and spatial planning of the industrial park, coordinate the short- and long-term development, and create a platform for integrating high-end resources of opening-up and scientific innovation, further strengthening the driving force for development. We should also step up coordination across the city, enhance collaboration, and promote the collaboration between SCODA and other platforms for opening-up, such as the Qingdao Area of the China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, accelerating the creation of a new hub for opening-up. At the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade, Zeng Zanrong learned about the development of the institute in detail. He pointed out that the institute should improve the operation mechanism, adhere to the principle of openness in school running, and combine online and offline methods to improve the training of economic and trade talents, thus providing talent and intellectual support for SCO local cooperation.

At the Nidec Global Appliance Production and R&D Base, Zeng Zanrong inspected the progress of the project and emphasized that sound services should be provided for the project to facilitate early completion and production. He encouraged the enterprise to play a leading role, strengthen local support for the industrial chain, and form the effect of clustered development. Then Zeng Zanrong visited Haier COSMOPlat Industrial Internet Ecological Park, exchanged ideas with the corporate administrator, thoroughly learned about the development of the park, and inspected the production at the production line of the refrigerator assembly workshop. He said that Haier is a home-grown enterprise with a global reputation. We should encourage and support it to seek greater local presence as well as global development, support the COSMOPlat industrial Internet platform to grow and prosper, and empower the company to become a pioneer in high-end smart manufacturing and digital economy.

At the exhibition hall of the Qingdao Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Zeng Zanrong heard the introduction of the Jiaodong Airport Economic Demonstration Zone and the Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone. He pointed out that we should leverage the policy advantage, make good use of airport resources, prioritize airport industries such as aviation service and smart logistics, create an advantageous industrial cluster, and foster new momentum to drive regional economic growth.

During his inspection, Zeng Zanrong emphasized that Jiaozhou is the location of the core area of SCODA, and holds an important position and role in the socio-economic development of Qingdao. We should continue to prioritize the real economy, promote new industrialization, strengthen advantageous manufacturing, and enhance the digital economy and airport economy, thus stepping up the efforts of building a modern industrial system with unique characteristics. We should enhance investment attraction, further leverage the roles of the industrial chain and enterprises in investment attraction, make targeted efforts in extending, complementing, and strengthening the industrial chain, and bring in a number of major and high-quality projects in line with the demands for high-quality development. And we should accelerate green and low-carbon transformation, strengthen the innovation of green technologies, and highlight green development. We should also enhance party building in an all-round manner, always forge ahead with surging passion, and continue to turn the achievements of thematic education into substantial results of high-quality development and improving people's quality of life.

Zhang Xinzhu, Chang Hongjun, and Li Gang attended the inspection.


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