SCODA: Seizing the Opportunity of Year of China-Belarus Local Cooperation to Create a Model for China-Belarus Local Cooperation

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The SCODA is a major national task personally announced, deployed, planned and pushed forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping. The SCODA's positioning is to build a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation, and is dedicated to creating a model for local economic and trade cooperation under the framework of bilateral or multilateral international cooperation. Since the beginning of the construction, the SCODA has carried out frequent interaction with Belarus, constantly expanded the channels for bilateral local economic and trade cooperation, and delivered fruitful results.



Under the demonstration effect of the Sino-Belarusian Local Cooperation and Exchange Year, the SCODA will give full play to its own advantages, explore the potential for local cooperation between China and Belarus, deepen bilateral cooperation, and create a model for China-Belarus local cooperation.


On August 25, Chivier Maria, the Official Belt and Road Representative of Belarus, Representative of BTS Logistics in China visited the SCODA, and carried out an in-depth discussion with Meng Qingsheng, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA regarding logistics, economic and trade cooperation. Chivier Maria's proposals received a positive response. Meng Qingsheng replied that "the SCODA will actively expand China-Belarus international trains, and push for the construction of China-Belarus Center. We would like to establish a long-term stable partnership with Belarus to support the companies in opening up markets, thus promoting broader mutually beneficial cooperation."


As early as 2018, the SCODA signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with China-Belarus Industrial Park, aiming to strengthen interaction with the largest economic and technological project between China and Belarus. Thanks to the 2021"Sister City Cooperation for a Better Future" series event--a new type of local economic and trade cooperation mechanism based on sister city cooperation, the cooperation between the SCODA and Belarus has been deepened.


Relying on the international logistics center currently being built, the SCODA and Belarus are jointly developing new routes, and expanding the diversity of cargo sources. Currently, the point-to-point freight trains between the SCODA and Minsk are running regularly.

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