SCODA Convened Topical Meeting on Project Procedure Services

2021-10-25 14:44:17 admin source: share:

In order to help solve the difficulties and problems faced by the companies, and facilitate their healthy development, the SCODA created the commercial service brand of "sincere SCO service for your satisfaction". On August 31, the Administrative Committee of the SCODA organized the heads of 11 enterprises including CIMC, Blogis, Li Wang, Potevio and Oake, and heads of structure inspection institutions to participate in the meeting to improve project procedure services. Tang Dehua, Member of the Party Working Committee of the SCODA presided over the meeting.



The meeting heard the reports of heads of companies on the current situation of the project procedures and existing problems. Heads of the planning and construction department of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA and the third-party inspection institution explained the related policies and provided guidance, clarified the pathway and plan for completing the procedures.

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