SCODA Held Online Roadshow

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On the afternoon of November 8, SCODA Online Roadshow was held at the SCO Service Center, and 22 government officials, experts and corporate administrators from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry and New Technology and textile enterprises of Tajikistan attended the roadshow.


It was introduced that this roadshow was part of the field trip of Overseas Training Session for Textile Technicians of Tajikistan Agriculture and Textile Industrial Park. This training session aims to provide Tajikistan with experience in the development and innovation of textile products, the intensive and efficient cotton cultivation technologies, textile material and processing technology, the development of textile products and innovation experience exchange, so as to gather strength and build a platform for the development and cooperation of textile industry between China and Tajikistan.

Expert Review Meeting of the International Competition for SCO·Ruyi Lake Landscape Conceptual Planning Held at SCODA


On November 6, the Expert Review Meeting of the International Competition for SCO·Ruyi Lake Landscape Conceptual Planning hosted by the Administrative Committee of SCODA, and organized by Qingdao SCO Development Group Co., Ltd. was held at the SCO Service Center. Meng Qingsheng, Member of the Party Working Committee, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA attended the meeting. Renowned Chinese experts and scholars engaged in in-depth discussion and explored the objectives for building an international garden city demonstration area with SCO characteristics.


During the review meeting, the expert panel heard reports on the competition works of five designing teams, including the united team between AECOM (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and Lingnan Design Group, the united team between AS+PAlbert Speer +Partner GmbH of Germany and Shanghai Landscape Co., Ltd., S.P.I. Landscape Group, Dreiseitl Landscape Design Consultation (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Worldvision LDG Intelligent Architecture. The expert panel reviewed the competition plans and expressed opinions for modification.


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