Qingdao Held Meeting on Work Scheduling of SCODA

2022-01-25 16:07:59 admin source: share:

On the afternoon of December 27, the Dispatch Meeting of SCODA was held at Qingdao Municipal Conference Center. Li Gang, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Executive Vice Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA attended the meeting, and Wang Qingchun, Vice Secretary of Qingdao Municipal Government presided over it.


During the meeting, the relevant municipal departments discussed Matters of SCODA Requiring Support on the National, Provincial and Municipal Level, and arranged future work in terms of obtaining more favorable policies in combination with their respective responsibilities.

Wang Qingchun pointed out that, in the future, all relevant institutions should follow the same direction, correctly understand the significance of promoting the major policies to be landed and implemented at SCODA. He said that we should further policy research, and optimize the policy list according to the opinions of the relevant departments; we should adopt the work unit system, strive for support from the supervising departments, and land a batch of pragmatic and effective policies and measures as soon as possible.

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