SCODA Launched the Construction of "Silk Road E-Commerce" Comprehensive Service Base

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    On August 16, a press conference on building the "Silk Road E-Commerce" Comprehensive Service Base at SCODA was held at Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center. The Implementation Plan for the Construction of the "Silk Road E-Commerce" Comprehensive Service Base at SCODA was released, marking the official launch of the "Silk Road E-Commerce" Comprehensive Service Base of at SCODA. The base will focus on generating policies and institutions, gathering industrial entities, transforming data resources, leading model innovation, and pioneering opening-up and cooperation, thus providing demonstrative solutions for the international cooperation of "Silk Road e-commerce", and building a public service platform in the field of "Belt and Road" e-commerce international cooperation.


    As an important engine for unimpeded trade along the Belt and Road, the "Silk Road E-Commerce" is an important measure to promote international cooperation in e-commerce. The "Silk Road E-Commerce" Comprehensive Service Base is another important platform built by SCODA based on the nature of public goods to actively play the role of an open cooperation platform. It is committed to solving the difficulty and problems of cross-border settlement, slow customs clearance and poor tax and foreign exchange compliance in cross-border e-commerce cooperation among SCO countries, and exploring the provision of systematic solutions. An international logistics service network integrating sea, land, air, and rail transport will be built, to provide customized services for Silk Road e-commerce partner countries, and implement a domestic development model featuring regional coordination and collaboration, providing "one-stop" comprehensive services for the international cooperation on Silk Road e-commerce and facilitating the high-quality development of e-commerce in SCO countries.

    The "Silk Road E-Commerce" Comprehensive Service Base is located in the core area of SCODA, with a planned area of about 5 square kilometers. "With a view to our short-term goals, we plan a '1+2+9+N' functional service system based on the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Comprehensive Service Platform (hereinafter referred to as the SCO Comprehensive Service Platform). The system consists of building two comprehensive functional centers of the "Silk Road E-Commerce" Comprehensive Service Center and Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center, creating 9 functional service sections including the integrated import exhibition trading platform, coordinating N platforms for empowerment including the SCO International Hub Port and the airport comprehensive bonded area, to fully serve the development of 'Silk Road e-commerce' for the SCO and countries along the Belt and Road." said Zhang Dong, Member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA. Among them, the "Silk Road E-Commerce" Comprehensive Service Center will focus on improving the whole chain of "Silk Road e-commerce", gather trade entities, service providers and cross-border e-commerce platforms of "Silk Road e-commerce", create a highly integrated, online and offline, professional and service-oriented import and export operation service platforms, and build a "Silk Road e-commerce" development service ecosystem. Leveraging the Qingdao · SCODA Pearl International Expo Center, a brand of international e-commerce expo and the "Silk Road E-Commerce" international exhibition will be created, building a window for the cultural, trade and exchanges display, and the connectivity with SCO countries and countries along the "Belt and Road".

    At the press conference, the Special Policies of SCODA to Support the Development of "Silk Road E-Commerce" (the First Batch) was also released, which integrates 12 policies and measures to support the agglomeration of enterprises on the Silk Road e-commerce platform, expand the retail import of Silk Road e-commerce, and optimize the training of cross-border e-commerce talents, highlighting the leading and exemplary characteristics, and facilitating the building of an e-commerce industrial cluster and cross-border e-commerce brand matrix represented by "SCODA Selection". Zang Yuanqi, Director of the Industrial Development Department I of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, introduced that the policies and measures issued this time will also focus on the cultivation of cross-border e-commerce talents. For example, cross-border e-commerce competitions to train cross-border e-commerce operation teams and practical talents will be held; the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade is encouraged to establish joint research centers on cross-border e-commerce with foreign universities; universities are supported to build a "Silk Road E-commerce Industry Academy" with cross-border e-commerce industrial belts and industrial parks to carry out order-style talent training.

    We will seize the new forms of foreign trade and make good use of the new advantages of the policies. "The order volume in SCO countries and countries along the 'Belt and Road' is increasing year by year; for our cross-border e-commerce practitioners, the SCODA 'Silk Road E-Commerce' comprehensive service base could meet the various elements needed by the industry, which will be of great help to us to explore overseas markets." said Zhang Quanwen, General Manager of Transfar SCO (Qingdao) International Economy and Trade Co., Ltd. "With the 'Silk Road E-Commerce' Comprehensive Service Base of SCODA overlapped with the advantages of platforms such as the SCO Comprehensive Service Platform, we are confident to cooperate with more enterprises from SCO countries in the field of cross-border trade, and to buy and sell globally more conveniently and efficiently."

    Since its inauguration, SCODA has accelerated the construction of the modern trade center, using the new business form of cross-border e-commerce as a bridge to continuously strengthen trade connectivity and commodity exchanges among SCO countries. Four cross-border e-commerce platforms such as the SCO Cross-Border Trade Service Center are brought in and cultivated; the operation of cross-border e-commerce customs supervision site is launched, accelerating the distribution of cross-border e-commerce export channels of "railway, road and airport"; the "China-Europe freight train + cross-border e-commerce" model is innovated, launching the first cross-border e-commerce cargo train in Shandong Province, and realizing the monthly regular operation of cross-border e-commerce trains; cross-border e-commerce cargo charter flights from Qingdao to Russia and other destinations are opened; featured events such as live streaming of cross-border e-commerce of SCO countries are held. In 2022, the import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce between SCODA and SCO countries reached 1.5 billion yuan, accounting for more than 60% of Qingdao's total.

    "SCODA will improve platform functions, optimize ecological factors, integrate innovation resources, deepen cooperation mechanisms, accelerate the construction of the 'Silk Road E-Commerce' Comprehensive Service Base, strive to create a pilot area for 'Silk Road e-commerce' cooperation, speed up the digitalization of the whole trade chain to enhance the level of trade digitalization, and explore scenarios, models and examples of cross-border e-commerce cooperation with SCO countries and countries along the Belt and Road within international multilateral and bilateral frameworks." said Zhang Dong.

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